Geiger Counter - Measuring Radioactivity Yourself

Goal of this project

The goal of this project is to help people measure radioactivity themselves.

In times such as these "official" state-sponsored or commercial scientists, politicians and media often lack sufficient integrity, honesty and love for humanity to efficiently disclose honest data (and these people and/or their masters, in certain cases, even use lies to advance abject agendas). So if you want to know about radioactivity, you probably will have to deliver the necessary effort to measure yourself. It's a shame that all their considerable means and their results, which we all pay for, are not systematically given to the public to use it, and changing this will take time. A good preparation for this is probably to start creating/becoming the people who have the necessary quality and determanition to do a better job.

The best idea is probably to start building small, autonomous groups of people who put they integrity, honesty and non-partisan love at the top of their priorities and who will in any case refuse to be bought out or corrupted otherwise. On these fundamental values they can build a new civil science society which provides uncorrupted knowledge and data for the benefit of all humanity.

There is also another fun factor. Measuring radioactivity allows you to explore a dimension of God's Creation (and man's creation, since we are all co-creators of the world), e.g. a part of the electromagnetic spectrum which you would not be able to perceive with your senses otherwise.


Please note:

In order to install and use these files, you will probably need to be a bit of a tinkerer. You will need to know your way around Linux a little bit, and in order to modify the files you will need to know python and C. And to install the necessary hardware, you will need to be able to adapt a geiger counter to interface it with your computer. All this is not very difficult, but you still need a certain minimum of knowledge about these things.

Ideally these things would be explained and prepacked here, but I really lack the time to prepare all this; if I were able to give more info, you would already find it here. So you may not get much help for issues from me other than what I already have prepared for you here (I'd privilege giving info publicly, since it will benefit more people). Please note, however, that you can find some more information here; this page is in German, but there are photos, circuit diagrams, command line commands and other things, all of which will give you hints and more ideas.

These files are experimental. They are released in the spirit "release early to enable other to build and improve on it". They collect and transform data in a way which does not scale yet, meaning that they will indefinitely accumulate data until your disk fills up or the machine crashes &emdash; which might take a log of time, though, since I used them for about 10 months without any problems so far &emdash;. So these programs are not yet ready for long term "production" use for this reason alone. I also wonder about their robustness in the case of certain failure modes. You will find more TODO things in the source code of some of the files yourself. So if you can improve these starter files, you're welcome.

1- Getting started

2- Getting more serious

3- Special programs

Advancing this project

Other considerations

Many people are afraid about radioactivity. So let's give some fundamental thoughts to this aspect.

Since God created man after the creation of the universe and the earth, and since the radioactivity (half life) of certain naturally occurring elements is very long-term, radioactivity probably (if it was not triggered by sinning man's negative influence on the universe) preexisted man. So how can radioactivity in itself be bad, since God put man in such an environment?

Additionally, man lived very long before the fall into sin &emdash; which is not disobedience from man-made moralistic behavior orders or laws, but any deviation from God's plan of happiness for all humanity by living love, truth, creation, etc. &emdash;, and even after the fall their life span diminished only gradually. Today's medicine knows from many, many studies that radioactivity contributes to all sorts of illnesses (cancers, diabetes, genetic deformations, etc.) and that there is no threshold amout under which there is no statistical increase of illnesses, so this may be a good reason to monitor the release/existence of any additional radioactivity into the environment of man.

However, radioactivity is not the only possible cause for these problems, so one may deduce from this alone that man may be able to act on other factors to become stronger and not be influenced by said radioactivity. And knowing that man lived very long before the fall into sin as explained above, we can deduce that by getting oneself back out of any sin one might commit (e.g. readjusting one's own conduct back onto God's Path of love and creative faith), will be a major factor of getting the force to overcome any illnesses.

Not getting sick by poisons is an explicit promise of the Gospel which was proven to be true by many acting believers, but it is also implied in the promise of eternel life for those who make themselves universally just, the small remnant which might be you if you choose this path of active (and practical) universal love, the path of the Holy Scriptures (which I personnally consider being the Bible, the Coran and The Revelation of Arès). You personnally and all other people will get a lot of happiness out of it if you choose to advance on such a path of love, it's really worth it.

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